mandag 18. juli 2016

WL bobber, now with stroker motor

Time to update status on my WL bob job that was torn down back in December last year to get a "new" motor, Flanders handlebars and some other modifications.

Working with the Handlebars from Tom Faber (via Ronald), Stelling & Helling risers from Throttle Masters, grips and internals from Clements Trading, switches & wiring from W&W and Beck grips from IronWigwam. Here one grip is shortened, the other is still stock length. Yellow beck grips was later swapped to red ones, a bit more discret in color.

Special tools made for engine and gearbox overhaul I

Special tools made for engine and gearbox overhaul II

Special tools made for engine and gearbox overhaul III

Got the Hanson sports shield back on, had to re-fab. the two arms securing the shield in upper position as the extended sheild was way to high (looking ugly) now with a higher mount.

Another view of handlebars etc.

Stroker engine is ignited by a Fairbanks Morse magneto that once ran a XLCH? New top lid and internal wiring etc. make a hot spark!

The control of the bike when going fast is drastically improved with the new handlebar set up!!

Old motor looking sad and useless.

Breaking in the engine is giving me a HARD TIME, I want to go fast all the time with this new motor.

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