onsdag 9. mars 2011

48 Panhead progress

Getting back from the rig was kind of depressing, snow, snow and more snow. Spent an entire day shuveling just to find my workshop door.

My plan had been to do postings along the way as my work proceeded with the ol Panhead girl, but we all know there is a big difference in plans and action. The key issue is there is progress to the restoration. Pictures in this post is the last couple of days progress.

Three big parcels of pre-paid goodies is under way, cant wait getting them.

Still working with getting oval holes back to round, making new and change bushings, reaming, making new pivot bolts and control rod ends and, bending back what is bent to straight, making tools to pull out or other tools to bring back in, there is no end to it. I love all this lathe work and I sometimes get to think, how could I have lived without my lathe?

Making a puller to remove the frame neck cups was really fun, I`m amazed how stuck them cups where.

Every old Harley I have bought have had loose rear sprockets. Its of great importance when riveting the sprocket that a proper tool is made to ensure the rivets are securely fastened. As the ol Pan girl have 8" rear drum and my 45`s have 7" I had to make a new riveting jig, check out pics. It is easy to clamp the entire srum with new rivets in this tool.

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  1. Keep the pictures coming!
    ..even though it's the wrong make:)

    I've also created a motorcycle/ travel/ motor blog here now... I will need some time to get the webdesign up to my preferences though, but it's a start.