mandag 28. februar 2011

Ssuccessful design (or lack off)

Design, how does this word make sense to you as a motorcycle enthusiast, user, restorer, owner, builder or rebuilder?

A successfully designed motorcycle involves technical issues as god handling, efficient braking capacity, god suspension or no suspension, large capacity fuel tank or just sufficient sized fuel tank and so on depending on its use.
There is more to it than technical issues. Its appearance should be a pleasure for your eyes only or it might be an appearance designed to fit an idea of what the designer thought the general public would find OK.
The appearance of a bike is linked to its purpose of course, just as much as its technical features are.
If you make one special bike for yourself you might not care of its price. On the other hand if you want this bike to sell in any numbers there is a close relation between its price and the level set for its technical features as well as the cost of candy paint or loads of chrome.
When talking on price, do not forget that a design involving the making of intricate parts is more time consuming hence more costly than some straight forward but still working parts.

Personally when looking at some of those creations presented in various bike shows and custom bike competitions I find it hard to believe there have been any serious thoughts on what design is actually all about.
On the other hand if this is art more than motorcycles there is for sure plenty of creativity in the making.

Still in the end it is all depending on those feelings a person gets when first facing a new bike, whether he/she like it or not.

Below is an example of poorly conceived design with lack of concern for a whole. This is a technically well-functioning light switch with a fluorecent knob but still for sure an unsuccessful design.

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  1. A design that might have sewn a seed for a priest or two...