søndag 27. februar 2011

American Motorcycles Norway

I have previously posted a short introduction to an important piece of the Norwegian motorcycle history, the founding and early years of the Norsk Motorcycle Club. Again, life is full of surprises and a while back I got this very interesting photo in an e-mail from a lady working at Hotel Sundvolden. This unique image show the members of Norsk Motorcycle Club on tour from Kristiania to Sundvolden, located in the Ringerike region, now a drive done in a couple of hours then a days travel for brave men in the saddle.
Hotel Sundvolden is today a historic hotel, one of several organised in a group of preserved wooden hotels from the early years of our tourist industry.
I recon this pic is taken approx 1920, one year after the club foundation. Bikes are Harley, Indians, 3 Hendersons and from the frontfork view a Reading Standard.

Thanks to Mr. Bue David-Andersen, a true NMK historian I`m able to tell whom is riding this group of bikes captured in 1916 shourtly after the foundation of NMK,
From front in pic to rear is no. 1. Paul de Rodger, Henderson. 2. Trygve Oluf Pettersen, Indian. 3. Macke Nicolaysen, Indian. 4. Eskil Jensen, Henderson. 5. Ragnvald Gundersen, Indian. 6.Finn Hjortnes Indian. 7 ????? Indian. HELP!! and finally 8.Willy Gundersen, riding his Harley Davidson.

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