torsdag 17. februar 2011

Fork Stabilizer for IOE Harleys

Lately I have been quite fortunate in getting a load of great vintage photos from Uffe in Stockholm.
One of his many Harleys, a 29 JD have been posted on this blog previously.
A while back Uffe shared with me a pic of his new repop fork stabilizer, a Harley approved accessory first introduced in the 1929 spring & summer season accessory catalogue.
Originally this cool item is made by LAKE Co. in Brooklyn NY, patended in late 28. This is a great addition to your bike as it prevents the upper pipes on the front part of your fork from flexing and eventually breaking off, especcially if you run on bad roads.
Seeing Uffes pic I came to think of that I many years ago while restoring my 27 JD copied this part from a original wich I know of. This original was made in steel tough I made my copy in aluminium. Most copies availiable seems to be made in bronze. Two years ago I removed the stabilizer from my 27 to make another pair, one for my racer and one for, yes you never know do you?
It appeared that the foundry I used screwed up the quality on those repops, luckily one was usable and this is now fitted on my racer.
Uffes pick got me thinking if maybe I should try getting casted some in steel as I have just got to know a guy working in a steel foundry.
Anyone interested? Let me know.

Uffe, thanks a lot for your pictures.

Uffes 29 with his new repop bronze stabiliser.

My "old" aluminium repop removed from my 27 and blanked of for use as casting plug, next to it a screwed up copy (wich i still had to pay for).

On any decent repop this original LAKE infor should be visible, or?

My other copy that the foundry managed to make with a decent quality installed on my racer, to be.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Yes, put me up for one…Please also copy the price in the original accessories catalogue, he, he….And the scissor damper? Homemade?

  2. Hi Stig, joda det går vel bra. Er egentligt ganske spent på å se om jeg kunne få dette til i støpe stål. Vedkommende kontakt lager mye ovnsdeler med utroligt fint resultat på feks engledører til etasje ovner osv.

    Scissor dampner is homemade, I`m using pieces of old clutch liner plate as friction material, seems to work OK.