onsdag 9. februar 2011

48 Panhead progress

Started out early this morning by checking my e-mail, damned that made me feel like a fu#¤%¤%%ker big time. Loads of nice guys e-mailing me just to be neglected as I`m fucking all day with my ol Panhead gal, sorry I will get there eventually.
Collected pedals and linkages to see what would need to be done, hmm, hint is ovality. OK, leave that for later. Stuffed my Pan frame in the car, off I go to Arendal where my friend Erik "the blacksmith master" have his shop. He is the one to ask if you need a pipe to be heated at the exact point needed to get it back to shape.
I had two pipes in need.
Before leaving his shop I collected a rear fork belonging to Stig aka Beveldrive (see link to his blog elsewhere on my site) wich lower legs now are as straight as if they where calibrated towards the atomic clock in Bern.
Back home I pulled out my MIG welder to add metal required to get my bentlegs to shape, then the fun starts, filing, filing and more filing. Oh I love filing, its like magic what decent files will do to metal. If you have done some serious filing you should have to change socks from sweating :-)
You dont keep your stack of files in a bundle in the bottom of a drawer do you?, shame shame shame on you. Files should be seperated from each other to prevent any damage to their theets, whenever a filing practice is done, brush it with a filebrush, if material is sticking to your file, add chalk to it. If used on aluminium, try adding technical alchole by a brush.

I was bullied today when at Eriks place by two motorcyclists coming by, this as I came to talk about my collection of vintage miniature vices. Heck, I collect as many miniature vices as I want, I`m after all an adult, or not?

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