søndag 20. februar 2011

Harry "hesthags skrekken" II

Aint we lucky guys today.

Harry`s son Tommy have e-mailed me some high resolution copies of the previously posted photos in my first post on "hesthags skrekken".
Please find my old post to check them out once more, as you will now be able to study any details in those beautiful early fifties captions.

Here is another bunch of pics shared from Tommys family albums, some from the outside of Harrys motorcycle workshop. An older VL with sidecar is visiting for some adjustments?

You will be pleased to see some high resolution pics of the dressed UL, myself I`ve learned a lot from these shots, there is one great capture of Harrys Knucklehead sidecar outfit the A 6228 as well as a family frieds outfit A 7109.

The last pic is great too, what an amount of stuff this Knuck had to carry when the Høgbergs went on holliday.

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