mandag 7. februar 2011

48 Panhead progression

Am I not a lucky bastard, have had the pleasure of spending 13 hours non-stop in the workshop today. A day filled with fun (eh, OK Knuckle buster?), filing, welding, lathe work and more welding and filing.
Well seriously, a lot of work done and I am really pleased with wath is gained today. Tomorrow is another day, hope to score the same amount of fun and exitement then :-)

!!! If anyone know a source for new frame neck bearing cups and races, please let me know. Mine are in desperate need of replacement.

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  1. I was just thinking about how I would love to have a real garage. I seem to have enough crap to fill it up, a couple of motorcycles, boxes of parts, lots and lots of tools, and all of it sits in some pretty pathetic places. I can't start a real project with nowhere to do the work. It's pretty lame.

    Feels pretty damned good to get things done, though, doesn't it? I can't say I've done anything as large or satisfying, but rebuilding carbs and replacing head gaskets takes a bit of time, and when it's all back together and running better than ever I sure feel damned good about it.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  2. Hi Brady, thanks for your comment. I agree, space is important, workbench(es), tools, time etc. Problem is this easily gets like a spiral wich when entered make you feel you never get enough of any of the above mentioned, as it might be with bikes too.
    I have quite a few feets of workbenches, but hardly any space on any as there are long therm projects spread all over, damned.
    On the other hand I have a young friend Geir here locally restoring a FN in a garden shed as tiny as my daughters old doll house. He keeps both his bike, tools, lathe and drill press in there and get stuff done too. Its organised.
    Take care.