onsdag 9. februar 2011

48 Panhead, yesterdays progress

Damned time is for sure flying when you have fun. Yesterday was spent with some more welding in the front gearboks mount area, making a new seat post bushing and a driver tool for this as well as fabricationg a jiig to replace the motor when I`m trying to work the lower end of my bent legs (that was kind of deep, did you catch up with that one?) back to their origianl 1" (inch) diameter, ruined by jumping Mexico city`s curbs.
Went out of Argon for my TIG welder and lost several hours in locating a new bottle, damned.
Ended the day by making a tool needed later on to check steering head allignment, dry fitted this but still have to figure out a procedure of how to ensure frame geometry is as when it left "the factory".

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