torsdag 17. februar 2011

48 Panhead progress

As said in many contexts before, "the devil is in the details".
My progression curve have been pointing the wrong way lately, down the hill kind off, and now I`m back in the "making money bussiness" wich means progression is like none, zero, nada.

Last issues sorted where some more holes beeing oval and 1/4" control rod ends beeing far of their original meassures. This sounds like nothing but does actually envolve a lot of lathe work, welding, bending, drilling and time, time our worst enemy.
The wise would say "why the fuc%¤"# do you not buy new repops" but hey, I want to keep as much as possible of what is Made in Milwaukee back in 48. This means repair, repair and repair, not replace, replace. I might be stupid, oh well I know I`m stupid, else I wouldnt have been doing all this :-)

6 kommentarer:

  1. Good to see you going down the route off repairing the original parts, start buying new repo parts and you might as well buy a new bike I think. An original part is only original once
    I have my Fathers BSA 500 that I hope to start on next Winter and I hope to retain as much as I can of the original bike, including the paint,in this way it will mean much more to me


  2. Hi Kawa, the best is not always simple.

    What BSA did your father ride?
    I`ve got a pair of B33`s resting, on in a 39 M20 chassis and the other a GB from 61 with alternator. A B33 engine is a very usable vintage even in modern traffic.

  3. I have a truck load of broken parts I can ship to you to fix for me if you get board! Great job rehabing that stuff!

  4. Hi Knuckle buster, thanks for letting me know. I could come across the atlantic for an extended holliday working for food & stay?:-)

    Thanks for your opinion with regard to repair versus repop.
    I`m offshore now, getting back my breath for another go with the Panhead as soon as I get back shore.


  5. Sverre, his last bike, which is the one I have, is a 1960 A7, the standard model with the cast iron head. looking forward to getting it back on the road next year.