torsdag 4. august 2011

Wauseon 2011 The boardtrack racers

OK, sorry for beeing late posting pics from our great weekend at Wauseon AMCA meet 2011.
Weather have been just to god to be inside in front of the computer, riding have no. 1 priority, computer is not even on the list when it finally is summer in god ol Norway.
Now when supposed to work its far more easy to find time for this.
OK, Øyunn took such a huge lot of pics from the event, its hard to find what pics to post.
We stayed in the pits as long as the Boardtrack racers (as well as the handshifters) where in action. SUN SUN SUN, 95 degree F and still there are some guys as you will se from those pics keeping their helmet on pretty much all the time even in the pits (big grin). Those pics will try to tell what its all about when it comes to vintage racing; wrenching, adjusting, camaraderie when a problem occures, helping hands, pushing, sweating and some riding but still smiles only!!
If someone need pics of their race action, please feel free to e-mail me with start no. there might be more of your interest too.

Who entered the podium when the boardtrack class was all trough, John the X man with his Super X as well as Matt & Big Jesus both riding IOE Harleys.

All pics AMcN`s Øyunn;

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  1. Hi Sverre, thanx a lot for the photo show. Whish I was there. But the cloth...


  2. Andreas, thanks for your comment. Yeah, this was a great time.


  3. I said God damn, God damn, God Damn the pusher man!