onsdag 24. august 2011

Zenith Tx4

The Henderson De-luxe models as well as the K all used Zenith updraft carbs. The first models used the T3 1/2 whilst the later used the Zenith Tx4. This carb is a three piece unit where the main part contain the floatbowl and jets, one part is the choke and finally there is one part for the ventury and throttle.
The ventury is originally cast in pot metal and the ventury body in cast iron. Due to the potmetals severe abilities for corosion it makes the cast iron to crack, sometimes in several pieces.
Hence there is a need for recasted ventury bodies. As you might remember I got a couple made a while back, now its time to get them machined.

Tx4`s where used by Chevy in the early twenties too, if altered with the Henderson style ventury body, choke part and throtle control arm it works OK and noone will se any difference. A new ventury as well as all screws and gaskets can be bought from Bill at Hendersonmotorcycles in St- Louis.

2 kommentarer:

  1. nice work! I especially like the drill jig in the 7th photo.

  2. Thanks a lot Occhi, there is a lot of work with these I promise you!