onsdag 14. september 2011

American Motorcycles Norway


From my last weeks journey in digging for "pics from yesterdaze" I am totally surprised by the amount of "un-discovered" photos from the Norwegian hey-days of motorcycling that are actually waiting to be found. I consider pics from the years around 1915 to the early thirties, a period when our motorcycle scene was dominated by US made motors as Thor, Excelsior, Henderson, Indian and Harleys as well as Reading Standards, Popes and even oddballs like the Iver Johnsons to be of great interest to preserve (uh you might allready have guessed that?).

Those pics are all in danger from getting extinct, this as the childs of those who actually rode those years are now all in their late seventies to early nineties. The next generations might even not have ever meet their grand or grand grands, hence their interest in keeping this material in the family is less important.

Another important fact is that in todays homes where tidiness and minimalism is the general rule, there are no lofts or stalls where stuff can be hidden away till "you never know when"!

Shit, I will vote for 36 hour days if or when ever that is an option, I need more time.

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