torsdag 29. september 2011

Another season getting closer to an end

Oh my, its for sure god to get back shore. When even weather gods are playing on your team, your life is likely good. This was my initial thoughts when I watched the weather forecasts earlier this week, still on the rig.
For how long was Adam in Paradise? I got the flu yesterday but heck I am giving a shit, I wanna drive my motorcycle!

Time to get some dust on my 39 W, I always tend to forget how well a old hog running on them 18" ballon tires handles compared to the later 16" wheels & tires.

My route for todays drive took me trough sceneric countryside where colours have changed from the green colour of summer to autumn`s brown, yellow and orange. Winding roads where pure joy from riding brings a huge smile on my face.
Drove by my friend Villys place. His Motorcycle garage is way above what most can ever dream of and he is wrenching all sorts of old bikes including a skirted Indian Chief.

Pointing my nose towards the valleys again, spending another couple of hours riding single lane roads. oops, saw this road from passing by a junction. Where might that road lead to?
Turning back to investigate further, you never know what is hidden in the unknown.
Well, this road didnt bring any since long forgotten dumpster place, it finally went into a lake next to a place wich would be an ideal location for a camp fire next summer.

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  1. Cool photos, you had a great trip. and one thing, I love the bikes.
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