lørdag 29. oktober 2011

American Motorcycles Norway

One more pic from my recent scan session. This show the ever popular and as always spectacular sidecarclass ready for take of in a Norwegian ice race held sometime in the mid twenties.
There are several cool details in this photo,
the first and most important is the fact that there is one Norwegian Harley racer with a FLXI mounted to the right side, this is the bike third from left in the picture.
Those fully flexible sidecar hacks where hard to compete with due to their roadholding capabilities, and soon after their arrival on the US race tracks they dominated the sport.
From my knowledge there is only one FLXI sidecar that have partially survived in Norway, though there must have been a few around, this as they where frequently advertised in early twenties newspapers.

Then there are two more hacks where the sidecar is visible, both home made attempts to streemline the body to allow for more speed. Keep in mind the monkey of these hacks where laying on his back looking straight into the air, my gosh, just the thought could give chills.

It is so cool to know there have been such impressive Harley racing hacks in use on Norwegian race tracks, just wish more had survived.

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