torsdag 12. januar 2012

One step forward, then two back!

Have been slow with posting lately, luckily life is not as quiet as the number of blog messages would indicate.

In retrospect, when finally Christmas & New year celebrations were over, it was due time to increase the speed of Panhead restoration. Working with the engine is the major task at this moment ,mentioning parts not to be replaced rather than those who will be replaced is far easier. One lucky dealer might look forward to receive this order.
Grief, horror, when removing the right side outher cranckshaft bearing from the case I came to see a very small movement in the steel bushing wich is a part of the crankcase casting. Not that loose that it could be moved, but still.

This part is NOT supposed to be loose at all.

When talking to the pros it was clear the best fix would be milling out the steel part, then replace this with a new one press fitted in the case half.

Hmm, an operation like this is beyond my milling skills as well as this steel bushing is very close to the inner camshaft bushing hole, just a few mm`s off, rather not make a crack between those two holes when press fitting a new steel insert, a crack which is a common problem with quite a few cases.

I`m a true believer in Loctite products, they do indeed warrant the functionality of their products, and they work. Called Loctite in Oslo, they recommend Loctite 290, this is a high strength penetrating metal glue, working at temperatures well above 150 degree C.
Problem is how to get rid of any oil in the microscopic gap between steel insert and case as well as getting any Loctite glue in there when cleaned?

Vacuum is the answer, vacuum, oh yes, again I see the light. If a sufficient vacuum is maintained there is no problem in sucking trough detergent to get the gap cleaned as well as getting the gap filled with glue.

I am now running frantically around to collect vacuum compressor, turning all the tools needed to achieve vacuum in the crack, etc. etc.

The rest is just straight forward, and whow am I pleased with the result.

If there should be any misalignement (Whisch I do not believe) this would need to be taken care of when lapping the outher bearings with cases together.

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