mandag 16. januar 2012

zero clearance

Lapping the head of any cylinder on my cast iron leveling table is time consuming, exhausting and in general a shit job, but still very important to the overall result when time comes to apply any pressure to the head gasket.

My Danish Vilh. Pedersen mill is old, very old. It still does the job though.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Impressive piece of metal you got there, it must weigh a ton! A method I use is to put a glass sheet on a flat table for grinding flat surfaces with carborundum paste. A thin fabric under the glass cushion enough for it not to shatter. "Bear snot" sticky mass in the corners keeps the glass in place. With that I can grind fairly mutch on each side of the glass sheet and it is cheap and easy to change. A "Mexican mill" can also be used. For what I know, a tractor or truck flywheel used for this purpose, sometimes driven with an electric motor.

  2. Charlie, I will promise you my back hurt for a while back when I saved this lump of cast iron from entering a trash bin.

    I had used the glass plate method for years prior to hauling home the cast iron table, and I still keep my glas plate too as it is more convenient when needed elsewhere:-) I made a wooden frame for my glas plate to keep it stable, I did allso talk to many glass workers to get the piece of glass from a very very thick window.