fredag 6. juli 2012

Linkert Attacks, "THE ATTACK"

Linkert Attack 2012, what an adventure, I`m speechless.

Fred, Olivier, their friends and helpers in the Linkert organisation, the staff serving food, AND not to forget Freds mother for making this fantastic jam for breakfast, MERCI MERCI.
Freds frend letting me have his generator to be able to return safely back to ol Norway, MERCI!!!

We arrived Thursday afternoon, one day to early, still there was already quite a crowd on the beautiful campsite in Jars.
When we all went for a meal  in an nearby village was unforgettable, seated inside, outside, in the backyard, in the street and in the barn, getting them fantastic pancakes, Sancerre white wine and beers whilst the darkness slowly closed upon us, unforgettable.

How do I describe being a part of an event as the Attack, its meeting new and old friends from all over Europe, people truly interested and dedicated to their hobby and passion, old American made iron rolling on two wheels. Their dedication and the effort in keeping old bikes alive allow them to travel for days to meet like minded, OK we are niche, morons in modern society where electronics and fuel injection is the state of the art in engine technology.
Thank god, I`m not alone, there are more people out there with an believe in old technology and its culture. Who where there; Swedes, Danes, Germans, Italians, Dutch, Belgians, French (of course), English (gentlemen all of them), Finnish Injun riders, Japanese, Americans (uhm, at least one of them living oversea), Swiss, and there might still have been more, if so I appologize your not mentioned.

Names, I`m good with faces, struggling with remembering names, I`m so glad Øyunn takes all them pics where you are all present, named or not;
Andreas riding his 38 Knuck from Kassel god to learn to know you, Rowan good to meet you finally, Paulie where not as scary as I would have thought,
The Swedish Sinners Anders, Per and more, The A-bombers fellas,The Harleysons where we now know more great members than Fritz and Paul; Tchisi, Chris, Harry Hacker master mechanic and Norbert, do not forget my offer for you to move to Norway will stay, you are needed here too.
Swiss Harry & Dani, Michael the Dutch - will I get discount on parts from now on?
The Black widows; Simon (never tell anyone our secret!), Gareth, Simon (go looking for the Thor drill) and more names I have unfortunately forgotten, no offense. Actor Huggy (the not so shy guy)(I`ve now learned Huggy is nicked Mother too, Huggy, any nick would serve you right with your generous personality) and his semi Spanish friend riding Huggy`s hill climb knuckle, we love you both for the Friday trip to Sancerre where we had our spitzenklasse lunch together. Freaky Rico, your Pan is awesome and I will never be able to understand how to drive with such bars, never.
Our Danish Killer bobber brothers and not to forget the shy semi Dane James (yeah the one from Jamesville) your good bye kiss will make me not wash my cheek for months.
Erik and Weijun coming down from Paris to share time with us Saturday, I truly appreciated your company (as ever).
This list could go on and on, keep in mind; you are all great guys and girls and we were pleased to share your company.

OK, back to the Linkert Attack report, Friday the day of arrivals - long after darkness had covered the camp site bikes still arrived.

For us Norwegians, never had we seen such food at a motorcycle meet before. Dinner at Friday night was great as was the cheese, hams and salads topped by a fruit salad at the end.
Live music, beer, wine and social gatherings, when did we go to bed?, not did I check the clock, I just found that the temperature did not allow sleeping inside the bag.

Saturday, breakfast was hardly finished when realising there was a Linkert Attack ride soon taking off from the site. An epic ride was now ahead of us, numerous bikes riding through rural Sancerre, villages and narrow roads, like an endless snake of bikes where those in front since long had passed a village when the tail went by.

At times short stops collected all bikes and riders to enjoy the views or to taste a wine from an local winery, most ending up in Sancerre for more eating and drinking.

Back in Jars bikes were lined up for judging whilst people ate even more of the splendid Linker Attack meals. The rest of the day is easily summed up as social gatherings, lots of motorcycle talk, making new friends and enjoying live entertainement, music and more. Another late night to bed.

Thanks a lot to Øyunn for pic`s!

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  1. Hi
    So generator let you ride back safely ...
    Great !!
    See you at Linkert UK next year

  2. Yes, yes generator brought me safely back home. tried to e-mail Olivier for sending money, will call Fred Monday if no answer.

    GOOOOOOD Times indeed