fredag 6. juli 2012

Linkert Attacks, the travel III

OK, my WL have so far been humming along as a bee filled with pollen going for the cube, will it last?

As known since ancient times, no three will grow into the skies.
The WL all off a sudden becomes a single cylindered growler. OK its time to unfold the tool pouch and spare parts needs to be found in the saddle bag. As the sudden stop taken place next to a Renault garage I`m soon surrounded by mechanics, all having hints and tips in all directions, from spark plug to piston failure. Tinkering finally allow us to conclude there where a repairable coil problem, we are back on track, for now!!!

Next time an incident occurs, just having reached La Rochepot, HOG is DEAD.
No offence, La Rochepot is not the epic centre of the world, neither not France. With my very limited French language I manage to lend an old ladies garage where we find there is not enough power on the battery to allow the coil to create a spark. damned, a dead generator. Yuppi me tough, I brought my electronic charger and we have now plenty of time to get to know village La Rochepot.
It turns out being a pleasure, we discover a huge castle is hidden on a nearby hilltop all covered by a forest, looks as if Dracula might have had a relative on French soil? Whoever once built this castle surely wanted his privacy secured.

My tip of the day, always bring an electronic charger!

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