fredag 6. juli 2012

Linkert Attacks, the retreat

As there is always a fear for mechanical entertainment on any longer ride on an old motorcycle, the AMcN crew (me &Øyunn) was truly pleased when we got the opportunity to stick to the Harleysons roadcrew with friends.
OK, joining a group of OHV`s as the only side burning 45"scared me. An increased average speed gave an increasing oil consumption, other than this the underdog 45" did well.
We had been told Saturday we had to be ready to leave Sunday morning at 0900-sharp. And we learned soon, Harleysons time is real time, no delays.
Lining up behind Harry`s hack from where he had the role as road-chief we immediately felt safe (and as we rode country roads we had a great time in watching him work the sidecar-rig in the curves. His saddle will for sure be equally worn all over). And what a great ride we had heading for Pont les Moulines where Fritz von Harleysons had booked a hotel. A days ride get short when there are stops for "Pinkeln pausen", refueling, food and wine as well as a visit to a local flea-market.
Fritz`s baby Wichita did its best to stretch the day too, her rear cylinder started playing a false tune, long story short, always wear two coils when riding a Knuckle bobber in France, always(or depend on any Norwegians stick around carrying one).
During the final part of the trip we had to wear our rain gear the first time in 14 days, not bad after all, Merci France for your good weather. There is nothing like a well stretched bed sheets after four days in a humid and dirty tent, when this gets topped by a meal from "out of this world", add some more wine and beer and you will find sun shines even if there is pissing down outside.
Monday morning having finished a better breakfast there was time for goodbyes at the parking lot, AMcN crew was now sharing company with our two new Swiss friends, Dani and Harry. We owe you both for your kindness in finding the damned Autozug station for us. Never will we understand why the location of Autozug station is such a secret, a sign or two would be truly appreciated.
Having plenty of time at the station I spent it well by removing my carb and take that apart, this as the engine had been a bit rough the last day. Its amazing what trouble some tiny bread crumbs can do to an engines performance.
All off a sudden we heard a remote rumble, Killer bobbers had made the trip back too, safe and sound. As they were staying in the "cow-wagon" we felt us obliged to let them fellas be drinking trough most of the night in our tiny 1`st class cabin. We truly enjoyed their company, even if I had to learn them how to use a mobile phone. Hamburg to Kiel, a parade march and the next day we were back in good ol Norway. Thanks to all new and old friends for making Linkert Attack 2012 to an unforgettable event.

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