lørdag 26. mai 2012

7/64" and other oddballs

When at the Ekeberg swap meet recently, yes the one with snow! I didnt find any parts for my projects. Tools tough I found several, some I needed and some I just had to have, like a bunch of odd tapps and dies. i can never get enough trhread tools, never ever.
Amongst those taps where a set of brand spanking new 7/64"`s and 13/64"`s, I love such strange tap sizes.
Ok they where shelved when back home and honestly I didnt think I would need them for other than knowing I had them (makes me feel good inside).

When riding my Henderson I have several times found I could need a small oil can to give a drip of oil here and there, every now and then, one can easily located to reach without too much hassle.

Some days ago I found it was due time to get this sorted, sourcing trough my stash I found one cool can that I since long had forgotten, unfortunately the tip to close the can from leaking missed. Correct, the threads on the tip of the can where 7/64`s, and I could make a cap by using my new taps, great.

Making a device to fix the can to the handlebar was another challenge, still great fun and I think the result looked pretty periodic and as if original for the can.

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