onsdag 2. mai 2012

Get out them bikes, spring is here

Its May, and the old saying; "with may comes the good weather" have come true.
Have spent the last 4 days atop of my Henderson, what a thrill.
Saturday I was out riding for 10 hours, the old Hen purred like a cat, pulling as a train. Mountains, hills and slopes are easily climbed in high gear without affecting the speed. At running speeds like 45-50 miles the gearing of my De-luxe is great.

Started early Saturday morning, Geir coming along on a classic Yamaha , we are taking smaller country roads eastwards to the annual spring gathering of the local Vintage motor club, AMK.
More bikes where there than ever seen before, Rune and myself took care of presenting US made cicles to the public. Compared to them European made scooters etc. its fair to say; "nothing beats cubic inches".

As most AMK guys are older fellas its time to break up at lunch time, now heading North to celebrate the 30`th annual Evje motorcycle gathering. This meeting is considered as the start of the season for most touring riders. Had been there at their third meet back in 84 and all that I could reach when not at work, most of the good guys and girls are still the same, what happened to the growth of the motorcycle society?

The following days where used to tour local country roads, Rune now riding his Pan had no problem with gravel roads, Øyunn on her Bmeer rides along whatever the roads are like, hmm them Bmeers are boring for sure, but what great bikes still.

All in all I am so pleased with my rides on the Henderson, no fuck ups, no stops for maintanance, maybe I one day will trust this old girl?

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