mandag 17. desember 2012

A mudflap could lead to a pair of beautiful Panheads

I met Tim trough e-bay.
Actually I have learned to know a lot of great people trough e-bay, having spent quite a few hours there looking for just the right part, this is an extra outcome of the effort.

Tim makes some great leather mudflaps with lots of spots and jewels. A mudflap like this will add to the apperance of your old scooter that is for sure, and not to forget it keeps the water from hitting your legs and more.

A joining of practical and estetic joy, that is!

Tim sent me a couple of pics showing his beautiful Panheads, a solo 1950 and a 1958 sidecar rig. Both of them impressive machines, and good to know they get ridden.

If your in a mudflap mood, look out for Tims great looking ones on e-bay.  

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