mandag 24. desember 2012

Flying Merkel and a wicked sidecar

Damned, its not always that easy to keep up with a foreign language.

Wicker sidecars, their apperance look so fragile to me. This particular sidecar is attached to a dream of a motorcycle, a deep orange Flying Merkel, aint that nice?
Do me a favour, click the link, enjoy the pictures and learn more on this great machine, once an important player in the American motorcycle scene.

This pic. is gently stolen from a website dedicated to local history.

3 kommentarer:

  1. God Jul Sverre, håper du finner mange fine bilder i 2013! Hilsen Stig

  2. Jeff, thanks a lot for Christmas wishes. I hope Christmas holidays went well for you guys too.

    Stig, there are a bunch of pictures allready there and I have just to many ol ladies that I should have been visiting this year, I got to hurry hurry!