mandag 31. desember 2012

Pics from Yesterdaze

The first day of a new year.

A new year in which each day that lies ahead of us is as clean paper sheets. Sheets we need fill with what we like and what make us happy, do I need to suggest motorcycles, riding and more related activities.

Nope I guess not.

Enclosed picture show young and proud members of the NMK`s Drammen department. One of the first branches of the Norwegian Motorcycle club.

From left to right; Thomas Bråthen born in 1893, Knut Espedal born in1898, Narve Wiker born in 1890, Peder Espedal born in 1895 and finally Alf Justad born in 1893.
Bikes in the same order; Harley, Henderson two Harleys and another Henderson.
Knut Espedal we know from a previous post covering his spectacular crash in the 1923 ISDT in Sweden.

I have dug quite a bit in the Espedal brothers history and albums, keep an eye up for more stories on them.

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