torsdag 13. desember 2012

It is winter, that is for sure

Damned, it is depressing when your outside thermometer read below  - 22 degree Celcius, add this with the fact that the inside one, mounted on your workshop wall read zero degrees, and I am quite sure the outcome of this gives less than none inspiration for motorcycle maintanance.

It is almost as it is good to be back on work now, then I dont have to see all this snow coming down, neither do I have to spill my strength in shoveling.

It would be more fun if one could use even winter days for riding like the chaps in the photo below, maybe it is time to convert one of the old hogs to a snowmobile?    

Guys where tougher in the old days, like 85 years old Bernhard pictured a cold winter day in 1965 on his Indian Power Plus. Bernhard was then regularly riding his old Indian that he had owned for years. Wonder where this bike went when bernhard didnt ride it any longer?? Late sixties, well I assume they where still taking bikes like this to the local scrapyard.  

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