fredag 22. mars 2013

American Motorcycles Norway

I need to post more of them historical photos from the yesterdaze Norwegian bike scene on the blog. The old photos was the spark that got the AMcN blog`s engine to start spinning.

4 years have passed by since the first post, more than 200k pageviews and we have learned to know a bunch of great folks from all over the world.

No regrets on the blogging till now!

Enjoy some Norwegian bike riders from when a reliable motorbike was synonyme with a US made bike from factories in cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, Springfield and more.

Here`s an unknown rider from the Fagernes Area posing on his early Indian Scout.

Who said female motorcycle riders is a modern thing? This young lady from Ringerike is most likely heading for one of the reliability runs held by the Ringerike NMK branch in 1921.

Trygve Skinstad and family on their Harley outfit ride local roads near Grø back in 1938.

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