tirsdag 5. mars 2013

Soooo close now!!

Another late (night) update from my Panhead project that have been pushed hard forward for a week or so now.

Finally I got every small part to be parkerized done, replaced the footboard rubber mats by a pair of aluminum De-Luxe mats that I got from Mr. e-bay.

Had to take a couple of deep breaths before I drilled holes in my original oil tank to mount one of them nifty little sight gauges, a very cool accessory from back in the days.

Had to fight some to get a proper fit on an oilfilter arrangement, according to the literature a 48 didnt have a mounting bracket on the oil filter, I rather want it stable than shaking.

When time was there to get clutch and front primary sprocket mounted, SURPRISE SURPRISE!
Whoever made the front sprocket did it on a blue Monday morning, no way would I dare to use that sprocket. Its cone did not fit the Jim`s shaft, not even close to.
I got another that did fit from W&W in south Germany, delivered on my door 25 hours after calling them, OK not for free, I was in a state of "be damned" and didnt worry to much on cost.

Getting the primary completed was great, I could step on the kicker pedal, not to start still but anyhow a great Win!

Now I just need to get my rear chain from Regina fitted. I do recommend the Regina Grand Prix, what a chain, just the looks off it tells quality. Rather have a chain three times more expensive than to have to replace the rear sprocket.

Oh I am sooo close to get the old girl off the bench now!!!

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