tirsdag 26. februar 2013

Chemical warfare

Got up early this morning and due to updating this blog I am going far to late back to the bin.
Started my day driving off to borrow a sand blasting cabinet, today loaded with glass powder (my cabinet is temporary down for maintenance).
Tommy is running a industrial paint shop and he is kind enough to give me access to his equipment when needed.

Got all the final parts from Bessie in need of a parkerizing coat blasted at Tommys place, had to sort them in two boxes depending on which side of the bike they belonged to to maintain control.

On my way home I had to pop by another great and helpful guy running a tig welding bussiness to "borrow" a stainless steel pipe. I needed to make a "long rod" modification to my Mark II parkerizing fryer.

Tig welded a plate to one end of the pipe and made it such that it could be preheated in the workshop stove before being placed in the fryer and filled with parkerizing gore. I kept it standing in the fryer filled with fluid at correct temp, this to maintain temp on the liquid inside the pipe, worked out well and brake and clutch rods got their colors.

Good night, tomorrow is another day in paradise!!

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