fredag 1. februar 2013

Gearbox progress for Panhead

Got my oversized gearbox rollers from JWBoon two days before leaving for work, and I was finally able to start building all my gearbox parts together again.

As my countershaft hub had severe pittings I had to hone the ID to fit 0,0020" oversize rollers, this means next time I need a new countershaft, no bigger rollers available.
My mainshaft had been hurt by pitting too, had to re-grind this too to get it round without damage and at an uniform diameter through the maingear bushing.
Also the maingear had to be ground at the surface where the rollers go. All bronze bushings had to be replaced and every one of those need to be honed to fit too, in total a lot of grinding and hone operations and for sure is time going fast when you are having fun.

Working on any make gearbox make you need a bunch of tailor made pullers and mandrels. This again give a lot of lathe work and welding (and scratching your head).

Long story short, the only work outstanding by now is to mount the shifter mechanism as well as parkerizing the starter pedal and clutch arm, then the gearbox is ready to go. I cant wait to get back and get this done.

Finally the countershaft gear is completed, shaft with 0.0020" rollers and all spacers, lock rings etc are new.

 Maingear is mounted and endplay is controlled. Countershaft temporary mounted to find the correct endplay shim.
 Why dont they make this either zink plated or parkerized? Had to let it go by the parkerizing bath.
 Installing mainshaft bearing.
 Gearbox is again filled with gears and the kicker side is done and preliminary mounted.
 All these tools had to be made to get the gearbox job done.
Left overs, maybe I should sell this on e-pay as one lot "slightly used" 48 Panhead gearbox parts?? No I better wait, this bunch of parts will get bigger when the shifter mechanism is done.

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  1. You are working with old "things" from US,,I`m driving moder`n twin made in EU,,,,,so is life,,,

  2. Håper nå i allefall at mine bestrebelser gjør at jeg ikke skal åpne noe av dette mere på mange år!!