søndag 10. februar 2013

Enough stroke or not

Sometimes I get offers that I can not resist, OK they might not always match the size of my walletal area at the time, but there is always a way around.

When I got an offer to buy this WL stroker engine I just had to have, you know that feeling, nah?
Now my problem is I don`t feel like I want to tear the motor out of either my "not so dirty nine" nor my bobber, they both work great and have been faithful for several years now (knock wood).

A problem which leads towards another costly conclusion, still the answer is quite obvious;
I need to get hold of another 45" project, preferably a late thirties, arghh why do I never learn.
To make sure I do not forget the previous statement I placed the engine where I need to pass it every time I enter my house.

Some tech. details;
Truett & osborne flywheels, WLDR cams running in sportster needle bearings, pop up pistons and heads relieved to match pistons, larger valves, M74B Linkert modified to work with the engine flow, Fairbanks magneto etc. etc.
I need a light chassis and a gearbox, NOW!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hah, as if I for one minute was to feel sorry for you Jeff, my stable is nothing like yours!
    OK I have an idea, it could be the first down payment for an EL?