lørdag 9. februar 2013

Joe King Speedshop

I hate the look of modern open face helmets. OK, they might be safer, but WHO wanna look like suffering from a water head?
And, those big helmets gives a hell of wind drag causing a neck pain, another cause to stay with the unsafe sixties helmet design.

My favorite lid for years and years is made by Tommy, a glass fiber blue flake job given to me by a neighbor cleaning out his house as long ago as in 1980ìsh.
Due to the amount of wear the inner lining have become reduced to a spider web.
Time to get a new helmet, should not complain after all, the Tommy have lasted 32 years with me and most likely 15 years with my previous neighbor.

Biltwell, nah, if not water head still a large lid compared to my Tommy, and I have never believed in one size fits all (with a head as thick as mine it is very hard).
By surfing the www I got to learn there was a for me unheard of helmet maker in Brazil, the Joe King Speed shop.
Their helmets are hand made glass fiber and they are not one size fits all. I was lucky to get the helmet shown in this post. The flake job is so great and the lining is first class and believe it or not, it is so close in size and style as my old Tommy one would think they both came out of the same mold.

Get yourself one from Joe King Speedshop.

Here is one shot from years ago wearing my beloved Tommy;

If your main concern is to stay safe (read: look as a water head), do not consider to ride a motorcicle at all.

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