tirsdag 26. februar 2013

Gearbox for Panhead, continued!

Last time when off the rig I managed to get almost done with the Pan gearbox. Only the shifting mechanism left as well as the parkerizing of external parts.

Ok, sounds simple, as usual I found replica parts, even if from Jims, that didnt fit as supposed to. This is so annoying and create a lot of worries and work.
Anyway, I did get the top cover completed, shifter fingers all adjusted and the mechanism is now working as new.
Was a great feeling to get the gearbox back into the bike, have been some time since it left!

When parkerizing the gearbox parts I had to commission my Mark II parkerizing set up for the first time. This contain a brand new fryer, made for fish&chips, not motorcycle parts, still very useful for the later too.
As the thermostat starts at 100 degree C on this device I had to recalibrate it to work from 70 and up, no problem.

The chemicals is not as before one hobby kit, no this is the real deal, for industrial use. I got this from the Rakkestad WR mob, you might remember their race bikes presented here before..
And I promise those chemicals does the job as nothing I have seen before, ps; I dont think it is wise to breath in the fumes from the fryer.

Heating on process, de-watering oil is ready. This parkerizing is moved outside due to fumes.

Things get black, chemistry is a wonder.


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