onsdag 13. mars 2013

She`s ALIVE, she`s ALIVE!

Bessie is done, born again, she is a runner not a heap of parts.
What a relief, started easily even if carb was just roughly set, oil pressure OK and charging 100%.
Ol Bessies engine hums and puffs soft and gently, not as a rattle, a coke box filled with nuts and bolts getting a roundabout in the centrifuge.

WHY is there still half a meter snow outside, I am ready for spring, summer or whatever as long as I can ride ol Bessie around and learn her to know.

For those who bothered to come by this blog and follow this build, thanks a lot for your patience, those who commented along the way, many many thanks.
For those other blog owners who inspired me with their creativity, thanks a lot!!

Hopefully we meet during summer.

5 kommentarer:

  1. The bike looks fantastic. Been following the build and impressed by the way you tackle jobs like plating metals, and of course the beautiful bag for the windshield. Your blog is very inspiring!

  2. Thanks for comments, Jeff and Larry. Will as soon as snow dissapears post some from Bessie`s travels.


  3. hi man, do you have solo seat and spot for sale 0?

    for UL


  4. I saw Bessie at TCR last weekend. You did a great job! Regards from Berlin