torsdag 5. september 2013

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

As mentioned before, seems like my blogging life is out of sync. Still, its now when working night shifts at sea there is time for reflection, hence the jumping in time, as if anyone cared?

Early spring I promised my granddaughter Vilde she could spend a week with me during this summer.
A week both of us had looked forward to, and a month ago we found time for this.
We would normally ride my BMW sidecar outfit, this as Vilde is partially disabled in her left arm. This time would be different, she wanted to share the Panhead buddy seat with me.
OK, we had some trial runs and it showed up to be no problem.

The following week we spent most of our time popping off to various events, some motorcycle related, others not so. The weather was great and most of our trips we brought what needed for a swim in the saddlebags.

Life aint too bad when its summer!

A bath a day.......da da

Wednesday evening at Ogge


Pan man Rune, Vilde and Cay the Injun rider

Our friend Geir rides along to the annual Lucas rally

BSA C15?? 

Hopped up Einfield India

Next generation motormaid

Cato, James and our friend Tor. The last is the only non british rider allowed to bring his bike inside, ok its stowed behind and out off sight, but still!!

"My home is my castle"

Lubricator on a 20ès BSA, what great looking parts

More interesting bikes found outside the gates at Lucas, BMW and MZ

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