tirsdag 4. februar 2014

Pics from Yesterdaze!

Wherethehellismurph.com is one great blog that I occasionally visit. He have been spending some time now in Finland and presented the photos below during his stay there. I have left Murphs watermarks on the pics, this as my sole intention is to share those great VL winter rides with as many as possible. I really enjoyed those photos when I first saw them presented in a 2008 issue of the Finnish magazine Mobilisti, a great magazine for vintage bikes, cars and more.
They had a story written by Timo Happonen who is the lucky owner of one of those Taxi bikes that trafficked Finnish Lappland. Unfortunately in the magazine they where so small, hence my excitement when I re-discovered the pics at Murphs blog.
You might ask how and why I read a Finnish magazine? Years ago I met Sampo at A-bombers in Sweden who sent me the magazine and even translated the text. Sampo is one hell of a photograph, he do a lot of great photos from the hotrod scene too.
Thanks Sampo!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I need one of these in Pennsylvania!

  2. Jeff, better start fabricating as I see from your blog you have got your fair share of the white stuff:-)

    Kenny, I agree.