onsdag 26. februar 2014

Front bumper for Bessie

Last trip offshore I spent a while in the lathe to turn some stainless fasteners with some old Buco jewels added to them. Those fasteners were made to fit a not yet made front bumper for Bessie, a bumper that at this time still only was to be found in my imagination. The picture in my imagination was initiated  by all them great pictures in the Japanese book "The Originals" that I got a while ago from Taxi.

OK, time to start bending some tubing, whow was this a pain in the ass, all them bends and both sides had to be equal too, not to forget pipe centers had to have a fixed distance to match Bessies front mudguard, arghhh!

I didnt get this one done in my first try, neither second, nor third but I finally did.

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