tirsdag 11. mars 2014

Various progress with cut down project!

It has been pretty busy lately, hence lack of blogging, apologize for anyone who cared.

Have been some progress with the cutdown motor, would have loved to see more of it though.

See below some pics from various work done.

One cylinder had some damage to the threads for the inlet valve cage nut. Initially I bought new nuts of great quality from Thunman in Sweden, he supplies special nuts with shallower threads.To overcome the thread issue I finally ended up with making my own special nut where the thread OD was 0,3 mm over sized. Some work, but well worth the effort.

Milling the special valve cage nut.

Fitting the home made valve cage nut.

From right; Thunman shallow thread, home made now, and home made" then".

Fixing exhaust threads in the Myford lathe.

Thunman exhaust nut fitted.

Lapping to ensure no air leaks.


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