tirsdag 18. mars 2014

Cut down progress!

Today have been a day that I have looked forward to in a long time, and it became very exciting to see my cut down project`s frame get altered from a boring standard to what will become a brisk easy handling sports bike (perfect for young lads in their late forties).
The steering head angle is raked inwards two degree according to my initial plan, and the rear frame is cut to lower it an inch, as well as bringing the wheel forward with 3/4 of an inch.
Its so cool to see how my friend Erik played with the flame of his torch to curve the front down-tube, just as they did back in the days to make Harley dirt track bikes.

My modification to the steering geometry does NOT cause any problem to fit an ordinary fuel tank, and the gently modified front down-tube will be hard to recognize for those that do not know.
Stay tuned and eventually the back bones will get attached to the frame again!

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