søndag 30. mars 2014

Good luck bell!

Good luck bell!
A while back I got a present from my better half, Øyunn. This was a present I truly appreciated and might very well need, in for example the great endurance run Trondhjems ridtet coming up not to far into the future.
A good luck bell to keep all mechanical evilness and road demons off from my bike (and hopefully me too).

This is not just a bell from the Wallmart, nope it is a piece of true art from Toshi at Bell45.

Thanks to Øyunn for wishing me all the best on the road and Toshi for making the bell.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Have a great riding season!!
    See you on the road!!

  2. Toshi. My destiny is now depending on the bell :-)
    Wish you and your mates all the best.