fredag 14. mars 2014

First ride!

 Yesterday we woke up to sunshine, but 4 degree below zero. During the morning temperature rose to 6-7 degree C, and still sun.
Hmmm, pulled my "not so dirty nine" out of its hibernation, filled some gas, prime on, two kicks, ignition on and third kick - fire in the hole, engine running.
As always the clutch have got stuck during the long sleep, front wheel towards the wall and smack in first and back, problem solved.

Dressed in wool underwear and my modern goretex I pointed my nose towards "up the valley", what a relief, back on two wheels.
Spent the next hours cruising country roads, though no gravel roads as they are still just heaps of slippery mud due to the snow melting.
Reached home just in time to see the sun drop down behind the hills.

A big grin on my face, a new riding season have just started!

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