tirsdag 18. mars 2014

99% done?

Percentage calculations for some seems to be based on floating values. What I am trying to express is that 99% done does not necessarily give you a 1% off work remaining.
Like my buddy Runes "halvtopper", oh man does the 1% remaining work give us some long hours, as the other day when we worked from 0800 in the morning to 2300 at night, all in one go.
And tomorrow will be another such day when Runes scooter will get attention, seems more true than ever; "A bikers work is never done" or was the phrase " A bikers work will never end if he plays with old hog`s"?

What did we do this day you might ask:
Lapped both fuel petcocks, nickle plating on the cones did not work very well. Made a new seat T-bar from one I had in my parts stash. Made new bolts and distances as well as plug cable support below the fuel tank. Made new most bolts for gear lever and rods, removed rear wheel and rear brake to grease bearings and secure all pivot bolts on the brakes.

Stay tuned, next up is to get the carb working OK and ignition breaker point modifications.


Top one is original 27, middle is what was on the bike, bottom is one from the local parts files.

Rune trying out the prefabbed new seat T bar.

Voila, some TIG welding and seat is back where it belongs, riders weight straight on top of the seat post!

Had to drill out the original but stuck gear lever pivot bolt, made a new in the lathe and here it is all tightened up and working as when once rolling out from the brick building in Milwaukee.

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