lørdag 7. juni 2014

Trondhjemsridtet Day 1 of 4

All my Henderson necessities for a 1200km`s ride could be located in an old butter box.

Kurt and his "new" Indian.

The Start line for Trondhjemsridtet 2014.

HansTorvald & Kurt makes plans.

Gunnar looks confident.

Stig and Dag.


Jørgen, Mr. Indian.

Coffe break.

Reached the hotel, what a clover of fours locked to each other!!

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  1. Happy to know you arrived Trondheim with no problems. A average speed of 60km/h must have been awful! I know fragile, "old" and slow bikes are present but, 60KM/h ????
    Why not have 2 groups? Modern bikes like yours would be more happy at a average of 90km/h or more :-)