onsdag 6. januar 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

Some more American made motorcycles from the Norwegian motorcycle scene pre. WWII. All of these pictures are from my own region (K registration) wich was very influated by the American lifestyle in the early years of motorcycling. Everyone had a relative "over there" and this caused a lot of second hand imports.

This bike is a early 20`s Harley F model (magneto) 61" / 1000cc (5 cooling fins on the exhaust port).

This is a 26 or 27 Harley JD 74" / 1200cc (7 cooling fins on the exhaust port) electric model. Speedo is Corbin whilst most had John Manville.

I cant figure out what brand this is, else than it is a ca. 1910 to 1915 model.

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