mandag 4. januar 2010

American Motorcycles

This pic is unfortunately not a close up, but the motorcycle is one of the coolest ever made. This is a single cylinder Iver Johnsen made by the "Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works"

The company was started by a Norwegian, Iver Johnsen who emigrated from Norway
in 1863. He came from Sogn og Fjordane, a pretty poor region back in these days.
He started as a gunsmith and soon did it well with several gun related inventions. In 1891 Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works was established and when the old man died in 1895, his three sons took over the bussines. They soon bicame big with bicycles and allso had a go for their own brand motorcycles. This did not last very long as they very to technical for their selling price. The Iver Johnson is today a very rare motorcycle.

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  1. Sverre just so you know your not talking to yourself, you have some really great photos on your Blogg mate... keep it up...

  2. Hi Rowan, just made you a comment regarding the Kent show poster I sent you a pic of.

    You know sittin here writing is not to bad, even if noon read it. Its kind of when I`m wrenching and talk to myself, sort of?

    Wouldnt mind staying at your part of the world these days, here on the rig is 40knot wind and 2 degrees. Going back home tomorrow where there have been 20-25 degree below for more than a week.
    I will be looking for a bussines card when I get home, got it wwhen I was 15 beeing on holliday in UK with my parents. I meet the first biker I had ever seen, and he was cool when I talked to him and gave me his bussines card. Maybe you know him from old days? He drove a pretty wild chopper based on a Triumph or BSA (have pic of bike too somewhere).