torsdag 14. januar 2010

Overhauling and modernizing a Splitdorf DU-5 generator

The Splitdorf DU-5 generator was common on US made motorcycles from 1920 to approx 1927 when it was replaced by the DU-7. Originally the DU-5 is a three brush generator where the third brush regulates the field. It is originally equipped with a mechanical cut out relay to prevent the battery from overcharging.
To improve the DU-5 fitted on my 1927 Henderson De-luxe I decided in rebuilding it with a modern style electronic regulator. This in addition to improving the charging make it a two brush generator where the field is controlled by the regulator.
Such a modern style regulator is availiable from;

Further knowledge on the Splitdorf generators and magnetos used on US made motorcycles;

Generator all apart

New regualtor installed in Generator end cover

New magneto bearings from England. These bearings require the generetor or magneto endcover to be shimmed to get proper fit on bearings

Ready for installation after commutator is trued

Generator endcover with brusholders after mecanical cut out is removed

Using my thrusty ol Mayford to make replacement screws for all electrical connections

All done and ready for testing

Testing the charge current at approx 1400 Rpm

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