onsdag 19. mai 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

One more photo from Rjukan Motorcycle club taken in 1924. This image show Mr. Sørensen and his Harley combination taking a rest during a local hillclimb race.

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  1. So formal! The suit...the hat...amazing times then, don't you agree? What do you suppose he is packing in that suitcase tied to the fender? and can you enlighten me as to what is draped over the last 1/4 of the rear wheel where the brake light might be?
    I really can get lost here on your web site.

  2. Chessie, apprechiate your comments. Havent played to much with the blog lately. Been busy with driving, aint that what its supposed to be all about.
    This image from the Rjukan motorcycle club is just a bit to crappy to see details, but the dress code for a motorcyclist back then was quite important. We need to keep in mind most of the guys able to get them self a motor back then where engineers or anything alike and this too where a part of setting the dress code.

    The suitcase would contain whatever needed for the weekend, those suitcases where made of some sort of cardboard, hence they didnt like heavy rain.

    When I used to go for longer rides with my 1927 Harley JD I packed all my essentials in a simmilar suitcase just to keep to the style. Should be an image of my JD all packed somewhere on my blog.

    Its really hard to say whatever is resting towards the rearwheel, maybe a backpack belonging to the photographer?


  3. About dresscode I found a nice page on "The salvage yard" "SHE RIPPED AND SHE ROARED | EPIC WOMEN OF DESTINY & DETERMINATION
    December 15, 2009" with woman period motorcycle clothing. The skull and bone sweater would be something to die for. There is also a pic. with the worlds tallest man (Now deceised but perhaps tallest in history?) Norwegian John Aasen.

  4. I found a great pic. here on an very early Norwegian dirttrack machine


  5. Charlie 101, thanks for your comments. I had seen the post at The Selvedgeyard on Lillian La France when posted, but I admit I didnt pay attention to the detail on the tall Norwegian, thanks a lot for making me aware.
    Check out further details;

    The dirttrack machine, I think its Danish as the pics belong to a Dane as well as the names related to the pic seems to be Danish too or do you know its Norwegian?
    So where do you stay at Charlie 101?