mandag 24. mai 2010

The Gardermoen Race 60 years anniversary

As I was obviously to onconscious to see this great arrangement advertised in the NVMC magazine a post on the "" made me aware.
I called Stig and he picked me up to join him to Gardermoen, thanks!
This event was not supposed to be "real" racing, but hey how long did that last?
Great Wednesday with cool motorbikes and many old racing caracters.

Cool BMW racer.

Matchless G50`s? and Stigs BSA Goldstar racer.

30`s chief with electric start!!!!!!

This 80 years young gentleman raced a Jawa on the Isle of Man in 1951-53. He still raced the same bike using the same leather!

Honda (Hrmm), BMW, Jawa and another Beemer. Those BMW`s sound awesome when throttled up.

Bengt was there riding his beatuiful 1930 VL combination. This is a runner!

38 or 39 Knuckle was spotted in the pits area. way cool bike.

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