lørdag 1. mai 2010

Damascus work

With reference to recent discussion regarding damascus steel knifes on Rowans excellent blog; http://sprunghubsnhardtales.blogspot.com/

Damascus steel could be used to other than knifes, swords and guns too, such as a ring as shown in photo or even details on your motorcicle?

Front piece is Titanium from the scrapbin at a local chemical factory, second is 300 layers damascus twisted to get a improved pattern with gold inlay and third is a piece of gold rolled to square and soldered.

This post was obviously not motor related, but hey I used my skills from wrenching my motorcicles when I made this piece for my girlfriend.

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  1. very cool my friend.... what 2 steel types did you use

    cheers Rowan

  2. I wouldnt be able to tell as I got a local knife blacksmith with great skills in making tight damascus steel to make me a barrel 1 inch by 1 inch by 6 inch of steel. I then have a close motorcycle friend working as blacksmith too helping me stretching a piece of this barrel to a thickness like a pen. We then twisted this the "pen" with approx one revolution per 3/8 of an inch (to improve the patterns). When I then filed a half round rod out of this twisted "pen" I had to keep the top of the rod close to the centre of the "pen" as this is where there is most movement between the layers and allso where the steel is more tight.

    The Damascus need to be of very high quality if one are to make stuff like a ring as the welds between the layers done by heat only are getting very stressed when the piece of steel are later glowed and bent to such a small thing as a ring.
    When making a knife there is not much stress to the layers, not even close to as when making a ring.

    With regards to the steel types used I would think there is one steel with more nickle and one with more mangane? to ensure they react different to the acid threatment required to bring forward the pattern.
    When I filed the rod ready for bending there was approx 0,010mm in height difference on the entire rod of 100mm (he he), you should have seen my blisters after having finnished the use of 2000 grinding paper.

    Glad you liked my work as you are the proffesional.

  3. very clever.. i never file that length but roll it in the mills... i have done similar with yellow gold and platinum and twisted and folded in opposie directions, similar effect but no need for acid because it is different colour to start with ... very cool Sverre, good job