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American Motorcycles Norway

Peder Bjerkseth worked as priest in the small town Snertingedal from year 1917 to 1930.
Peder was an enthusiastic motorcycle driver in his younger years. His first motorcycle E-177 where a Henderson from 1916 with a National sidecar. This must have let him down eventually in a few years as he in the later pictures shown operates a 1918-1919 Harley 61" (1000cc)IOE on the same E-177 plates. Another fact is the National car is now altered to work as a sled behind the Harley during the winter season.

Peder ready to bring relatives home from a Sunday party. Wife and kids in the back.

Peder with family in the sidecar. The Henderson is a bare magneto model, no lights just the ball horn to warn whoever gets in his way.

Peder have uppgraded himself to a "state of the art" Harley Davidson with skies for winter driving. Peder is well dressed to cope with the cold winter.
Peders Harley beeing a magneto model is equipped with a unknown brand acetylene headlight.

The National car previously attached to the Henderson is now degraded to a snow sled behind the Harley.
According the text on the picture this vehicle was the Bjerkseths family transport for eight years (winters).

Further pics from the old albums belonging to Peder Bjerkseth;

11.11.2010; got an e-mail from my friend Nicklas in Sweden who states this Henderson is not a 1916, rather a 1917-18. OK, if Nicklas say so its for sure the truth as he knows most details on these early motors.

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